Happy New Year.

As we approach 2018 we would like to thank all our customers and followers for the support throughout 2017.

This year has been a whirlwind of changes.

Our Toddler has added an extra element to the making process. (Someone doesn't always think working is the best option verse going to the park.)

Australian made is one thing we are extremely proud of, we employ not just all our family into this business, but many local making services. Unfortunately not all small businesses can survive in this climate, which meant our cutters were forced to close down. Due to other companies not paying for services. Which lead us to a bit of dead end in the production of new styles and general production.
Fortunately we have successfully been able to replace our cutters with a lovely local family. (Yay!!)

We have added one new staff member to the store- We would be lost without her! She is our super woman!

We are very very excited for 2018, we now have multiple new dress and skirt styles coming!!!

Oh! And we will be closed until the 11th of Jan!
Website working as normal. If you do need something, please make an appointment. 0423 169 737 or via email: gigisfairyfashion@gmail.com.
Website- working as normal. www.gigisfairyfashionshop.com.au

Happy New Year!!

December 31, 2017 by Gigi's Fairy Fashion
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