Adult Dress Sizing.

Please email us your measurements. We will get back to you ASAP to let you know what size in the dresses you will need. 
Basic info of your height, bust measurement, waist measurement.

A quick guide without emailing: These are taken without being stretch, which most fabrics have.

Classic/Summer Cut & Belle Dress: 

 Size :6-8      Bust: 86cm         Waist: 70cm
 Size :8-10     Bust: 92cm        Waist: 76cm
 Size :10-12   Bust 98cm         Waist: 84cm 
 Size: 12-14   Bust: 104cm      Waist: 88cm
 Size :14-16   Bust 108cm       Waist: 92cm
 Size :16-18   Bust: 112cm      Waist: 96cm
 Size :18-20   Bust 116cm       Waist: 102cm
Size: 20-22    Bust: 120cm      Waist: 104cm
Size: 22-24    Bust: 124cm      Waist: 106cm
Please Note the Summer Cut length of the dress is approx. 10cm shorter to the Classic Cut..

Shell Cut Dress: The top of the waist band for this dress does sit directly under your bust, the bottom of the waistband does sit above your stomach.
Please measure your 'waist' by measuring 2 inches above your naval.
Size :6-8 Bust: 84cm Waist: 66cm
Size :8-10 Bust: 88cm Waist: 70cm
Size :10-12 Bust 96cm Waist: 76cm
Size: 12-14 Bust: 102cm Waist: 80cm
Size :14-16 Bust 106cm Waist: 86cm
Size :16-18 Bust: 112cm Waist: 90cm
Size :18-20 Bust: 116cm Waist: 96cm
Size : 20-22 Bust: 122cm Waist: 102cm
Size: 22-24: Bust: 126cm Waist: 108cm

Teddy: This is a very fitted dress across the torso. Fully lined top.
The waist band due to the lining does not have the same amount of stretch our shell cut has on the waistband. The bust does have a little bit of wiggle room. 
Size :6 Bust: 80cm Waist: 64cm
Size :8 Bust: 86cm Waist: 68cm
Size :10 Bust 92cm Waist: 72cm
Size: 12 Bust: 106cm Waist: 76cm
Size :14 Bust 102cm Waist: 82cm
Size :16 Bust: 106cm Waist: 88cm
Size :18 Bust: 110cm Waist: 94cm
Example: 64cm waist - bust 80cm can stretch to 86cm. 

Diva: This dress sits firmly, but comfortably on the torso. The bust line sits under the bust, the with cups coming up quiet sharply in the middle.
The shoulder sit slightly out for an elegant shape to the neckline.
This does have stretch all through the torso, so measurements can be flexible up to 4cms on the waistline for a nice fit.
Size :6-8 Bust: 88cm Waist: 66cm
Size :8-10 Bust: 94cm Waist: 72cm
Size :10-12 Bust 100cm Waist: 76cm
Size: 12-14 Bust: 108cm Waist: 80cm
Size :14-16 Bust 112cm Waist: 86cm
Size :16-18 Bust: 116cm Waist: 92cm
Size :18-20 Bust: 122cm Waist: 98cm

Suzi Dresses:
This is designed for a comfortable day to day dress. Detailed neckline.
This deign also is comfortable to wear as a maternity dress
Very Stretchy in the make.
Size :6-8 Bust: N/Acm Waist:N/A cm Hips:   Yet to be graded down.
Size :8-10 Bust: N/Acm Waist:N/A cm Hips: Yet to be graded down.
Size :10-12 Bust 92cm Waist: 74cm Hips: 78cm
Size: 12-14 Bust: 96cm Waist: 78cm Hips:82cm
Size :14-16 Bust 100cm Waist: 84cm Hips:88cm
Size :16-18 Bust: 108cm Waist: 88cm Hips:92cm
Size :18-20 Bust: 112cm Waist: 92cm Hips:96cm
Size: 20 Bust:118cm Waist: 100cm Hips:104cm
Size: 22 Bust: 122cm Waist: 104cm Hips:108cm

Maddison: Length of the skirt from bottom waistband 60cm.
Size 6-8: Bust: 82cm Waist: 66cm
8-10: Bust: 88cmWaist: 70cm
10-12:Bust: 92cm Waist: 84cm
12-14:Bust: 98cm Waist: 80cm
14-16:Bust: 104cm Waist: 84cm
16-18:Bust: 108cm Waist: 88cm
18-20:Bust: 116cm Waist: 92cm

Remember when measuring for these dresses your measurements should be taken 5cm above your naval for the waist cm's.

Skirts: Are designed to be high waisted. Measurements should be taken at approximately 2" above your belly button
Size:  6 :    66cm- 69cm
       6-8 :    70cm- 72cm
          8 :    73cm- 75cm
      8-10:    76cm -79cm
         10 :   80cm - 82cm 
    10-12:    83cm - 85cm  
        12:     86cm-87cm
    12-14:    88cm- 89cm
        14:     90cm- 91cm
   14-16:     92cm- 93cm
        16:     94cm-95cm
   16-18:     96cm-98cm
        18:     99cm-101cm
   18-20:    102cm-104cm
        20:    105cm- 108cm
   20-22:    109cm- 112cm
        22:     113cm - 116m

Swing Dress: This has a full torso lining. We do recommend if you are use to our classic cut style to size up one on your normal to get a comfortable fit.
6-8     Bust: 76cm   Waist: 60cm
8-10   Bust: 84cm   Waist: 64cm
10-12 Bust: 90cm   Waist: 70cm
12-14 Bust: 94cm   Waist: 76cm
14-16 Bust: 98cm   Waist: 80cm
16-18 Bust: 104cm Waist: 86cm
18-20 Bust: 110cm Waist: 94cm

Princess Dress & Sun Dress ( Pleated)
Bodice is fully lined. Worn tight in the chest. Straps can be tucked in to created a strapless dress look.
6-8     Bust: 72cm   Waist: 60cm
8-10   Bust: 76cm   Waist: 66cm
10-12 Bust: 80cm   Waist: 70cm
12-14 Bust: 86cm   Waist: 74cm
14-16 Bust: 92cm   Waist: 80cm
16-18 Bust: 98cm Waist: 84cm
18-20 Bust: 104cm Waist: 90cm

Holiday Dress- The Figure Hugging Dress.

Each Fabric does have different level of stretch to each other. Some fabrics we have used has ZERO stretch to some having a nice amount of give to the fabric.
The Following Sizing Chart is for the Stretch Cotton. As this is the most common fabric we use in our clothing.
If the Listing says that it is Cotton Sateen- but without stretch- please use the measurements from the listed size below the one to get a closer figure to the measurements.
Example: If the listing says "10" and just listed as sateen- please use the size 8 as your guide.
If the listing says Stretch Cotton Sateen- We would recommend that the biggest part if you, to be the way to pick the correct size.
Example - If you Torso measurement for your waist is 83cm, your bust is 98 and your hips are 105. We would guide you to try the 14. 
We have an individual sizing chart for each fabric. Please email us for the print you are after; Otherwise; If Emailing is not your thing, we would recommend to size up:  
4   Bust: 72cm  Waist: 56cm Hips: 84cm
6   Bust: 80cm Waist: 62cm  Hips: 88cm
8   Bust: 84cm Waist: 66cm  Hips:92cm
10 Bust: 88cm Waist: 72cm  Hips:96cm
12 Bust: 94cm Waist: 78cm  Hips:100cm
14 Bust: 100cm Waist: 82cm Hips:110cm
16 Bust: 106cm Waist: 86cm Hips:116cm
18 Bust: 112cm Waist: 92cm Hips:120cm